Friday, July 12, 2024

See It: 6 Unbelievable Alligator Attacks Caught on Camera

Last week, a gargantuan alligator was caught on film taking a leisurely walk through a nature reserve in Florida. The gator—affectionately known by employees at the Circle B Bar Nature Reserve in Lakeland as “Big Humpback”—is estimated to be 14 to 15 feet long, making him one of the biggest Florida has ever seen.

Ol’ Big Humpback’s stroll through the park got us thinking about what happens when a gator actually confronts a human, or vice versa. Below are tk of the best alligator attacks we could find.

In the video above you can see an alligator clamping down on a man’s hand after the man tried to move it out of the road. The lesson is: Don’t try to move an alligator.

Here’s a video of a gator trainer named Jason getting his hand chomped on by a gator. Jason claims it’s the first time he’s been bitten in more than a decade working with the animals. We certainly hope it’s the last time because it takes over 10 minutes for the reptile to release its grip.

A “Gator Boy” named Paul is bit in the head after he puts his head inside of a big gator’s mouth. If we’ve learned anything working on this blog, it’s this: Don’t put your head or hand near a gator’s mouth, even if you think you’re an expert.

At about the 5:15 mark here you see an alligator clamp down on a handler’s hand at a gator farm. After 40 or so panic-filled seconds, the gator finally lets go.

Another video of a man getting bit while trying to put his head inside of a gator’s head as a trick for an audience. A bad idea!

This handler almost made it through his show without the gator clamping down on his hand. At least the audience got their money’s worth!


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