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An 11-Foot Alligator Was Just Waiting For This Guy To Show Up To Work

Alligators. They’re hanging out on golf courses, chillin’ in your homes, and now they’re waiting for you to get your ass to work on time.

That’s what happened in Leland, North Carolina, when the owner of a sign and graphics business showed up on a Friday. A rustling in the bushes turned out to be an 11-foot alligator. Hmm, that’s a problem.

Local news outlet WECT reports:

George Murray, owner of Murray Signs and Graphics in the Brunswick Forest shopping center, and colleagues Edward Jones and Brent Bunn heard rustling in some shrubs behind the store upon getting to the store Friday morning.

Murray called 911 and Brunswick County Animal Control who came out to the business and tried to round up the gator. Murray said animal control had to call for additional help due to the size of the animal and after a bit of a struggle, they got the alligator out.

No one was hurt, including the beastie, which was relocated to a nearby river.

Calling 911 for an alligator spotting seems like a bit of an overreaction, but who wouldn’t do the same? Seeing those two eyeballs peering out from within 11 feet of lizard that’s remained untouched by evolution for the last eight million years would make you reach for the nearest line to emergency services, too. Death by gator is surprisingly rare, but that doesn’t mean you want one waiting for you to punch the clock on a Friday morning.


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