Monday, April 15, 2024

Drunk Woman Grabbs EMT By The Privates In Walmart

A Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after she allegedly downed five beers in the beer aisle of a local Walmart and then grabbed a paramedic’s testicles.

WKMG reports that, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department, 18-year-old Shelby Conder told the manager of a Walmart in Lady Lake, Florida that she drank five beers and that she needed a ride home. The manager then presumably called 911.

When responding deputies found Conder by the store’s restrooms, she told them “she drank beer from the beer aisle and wanted to go home,” according to the deputies’ report. She also reportedly said that she was drunk.

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Condor allegedly resisted arrest and kicked at least one deputy before being brought under control, at least temporarily. Later, as she was being evaluated outside the store, police say she grabbed an EMT by the testicles.

Once officers got her into a patrol car, she reportedly said, “I’m sorry to who I hit.” She’s since been charged with battery on a officer, larceny petit theft, and resisting officer with violence.

Florida is home to #Floridaman and Conder is the perfect example. The moniker refers to an alleged prevalence of people performing irrational, maniacal, illogical, delusional, insane, and absurd actions in the U.S. state of Florida. Internet users typically submit links to news stories and articles about unusual or strange crimes and other events occurring in Florida, with stories’ headlines often beginning with “Florida Man…” followed by the main event of the story. Because of the way news headlines are typically written, they can be creatively interpreted as implying that the subjects of the articles are all a single individual known as “Florida Man”.


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