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This Dude Broke Into A House And Painted A Dog Purple

Crime struck idyllic Martha’s Vineyard this weekend when a man allegedly broke into a home, stole some things, and then painted the damn family dog purple.

The Cape Cod Times reports Felix Reagan crashed a stolen car early Saturday afternoon in a Martha’s Vineyard neighborhood, according to the Oak Bluffs Police Department. He then allegedly snuck into a nearby house through a first-floor window, reportedly stole several items and—for reasons unknown—painted the dog purple. Reagan was apprehended a short time later; police found a driver’s license and credit cards belonging to the owner of the vandalized home/dog in his possession, as well as prescription drugs. He was also caught, uh, purple-handed. (His hands were reportedly covered with purple paint.)

No word yet on what kind of dog was painted. We will, of course, update this post as soon as that information is revealed.


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