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Ultimate Hot Mess Holidaze Contest Winner Announced

The Hot Mess Holidaze Contest entries are in! We found some wild stories, but narrowed it down to the amazingly messy entry below. Brava!

This year’s winner is Diana Isaiou from Seattle, who also happens to own American Baked Co., which sells wonderful cannabis baked products. Here is her mess:

“There was that one Christmas party at my friend Lulu’s house. I was wearing festive red latex! It was pretty fun and I was drinking lots of festive drinks, then I decided it was time for a snack. As I went to the beautifully set Christmas table I spotted a friend. We stopped at the table to chat, and as we were talking I leaned on the table and whoops! Apparently, I leaned too hard because I tipped over the entire table. All the contents went crashing to floor, followed by the table itself and finally followed by me, all into a big heap. I decided I wasn’t hungry after all.”

Thanks to everyone for sending in their entries and if you’re in the Seattle area, why not stop into the American Baked Company and congratulate Diana on her spectacular hot mess!


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