Thursday, February 22, 2024

Is Crowdfunding A $15,000 Engagement Ring The Death Of Romance? 

If you found out that the love of your life, the person you’re planning to spend forever with, your soul mate who you think you know better than yourself, was secretly crowdfunding a $15,000 engagement ring for you, would you be flattered or absolutely mortified?

That’s what 30-year-old William Oliver did — or attempted to do — by setting up a GoFundMe page and asking strangers to help him put a ring on it.

He set the goal to $15,000, a budget that would otherwise buy the couple a car or a nice down payment on a house, and asked the internet to get to donating.

“In 2017 I have started to realize that teamwork makes our dreams work,” he wrote on the fundraising page description. He continues:

“Sometimes we can’t quite afford expensive things by ourselves. A lot of people lean on credit card companies and banks (that overcharge them) so that they appear to do nice things for people they love by themselves. My approach is a little different. We have friends, family, and colleagues that don’t mind passing up a drink or a sandwich to help out. Anything helps. All proceeds will go to the purchase of a beautiful engagement ring one that WE ALL can be proud of. Call me crazy but Love is Free Not Engagement Rings and Weddings.”

But the rest of the outside world, as reports, is not into this approach. At all. Comments on his now-viral Facebook post include: “I hate people. Can no one do anything for themselves?!?! What kind of man begs for money to get his girl a ring, I would say no just for that!” and “if he can’t afford the diamond, does he think he’ll be able to afford the wedding? Maybe he can sell tickets!”

It doesn’t sound entirely insane, when he puts it that way. In the end, he asked her to marry him with a mere $609 in the GoFundMe raised. She said yes.

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