Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Jogger Stopped At Microsoft After Cops Spot ‘Nude Buttocks Illuminated’

Last Friday, police officers on Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington campus had to deal with an unusual incident: A man was spotted jogging at three in the morning wearing only a pair of black sketchers. Officers stopped the man after “seeing nude buttocks illuminated by a streetlight,” according to the police report.

Why would someone be out there doing something like that? Was it a prank for a fraternity? Some sort of new trendy and drunken exercise? Or someone who had simply lost their mind? As it turns out, it was actually just someone trying to prepare for the winter: The Seattle Times reports that the man told police “trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather.”

While he could’ve faced charges of indecent exposure, the man was let him go with a warning.

And the Redmond police seem to have a cheeky since of humor about the whole thing.

“We do not have pictures to share of this incident,” they said in a press release. “You are welcome.”

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