Friday, June 21, 2024

This Instagram Account Will Call You Out On Your Fake-Ass Camping Photos

Social media allows outsiders to trick people into believing these curated snapshots constitute the fundamental makeup of their lives. No where is this attitude more pervasive than Instagram. But now some accounts are calling out those who want you to think their lives are cooler than they are. One of the more insidious communities out there on Instagram is the travel blogger community. There are thousands of scenic vistas and gorgeous backdrops that will fill your entire being with envy. Their campsites rest underneath unbelievable night skies or aside awe-inspiring mountain cliffs. But post some fake-ass camping photos on IG and you will be called out.

Or did they camp there? A rising Instagram account it @youdidnotsleepthere, which calls out those who “do it for the gram” in the camping world. The account is run by Luisa Jeffrey, an outdoor enthusiast from Portland. She felt called into action following a 21-day adventure when a friend suggested pitching a tent in some crazy locations “for the photos.”

“My friend was like, ‘Let’s set the tent up over here and take a picture,’” the 28-year-old told Field Magazine. “And I was like, ‘What? Why are you doing that?’ And she was like, ‘People do that all the time!’

“I was completely caught off guard and thought it was just the most ridiculous thing ever, but when we got back home I started noticing how much people really do do that, and I started looking at photos wondering if they were actually legit.”

Taking cues from other accounts with similar ethos like @youdidnoteatthat and @youdidnotskatethat, Jeffrey says she used to scavenge for photos to post. But now she’s flooded with the staged travel pictures that she doesn’t need to do much digging any longer.

As she told Mashable, “I wouldn’t have started the account if I didn’t feel like the whole thing was a joke. There is just such a lack of transparency and honesty about people’s lives on Instagram. And it’s so tired.”


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