Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Shirtless Guy Faces Hurricane Head On

The sunshine state is known for #Floridaman.  Now we have a shirtless guy faces hurricane head on. With the country split in two ahead of next month’s election, it’s important that we remember there are some things we can all agree are truly awesome and uniquely American, things we can all be proud of, like the 1995 Michael Mann classic, Heat. Now we have another addition to that lengthy list: Lane Pittman, who recently headbanged in the face of the year’s most dangerous storm.

On Friday, as Hurricane Matthew raged through his hometown of Jacksonville, Pittman took off his shirt, grabbed a big-ass American flag, hit play on Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” and went outside to face the deadly squall. In a nine-second video, Pittman thrashes his long, orange mane while waiving the huge flag as wind and rain rips past him.

“Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it. #turnt #merica Slayer Emma Watson #hmu #rainingblood #orjustsimplyraining #redhaireverywhere #volumeup,” he wrote on Facebook.

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This is exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they told England to fuck off.

The destructive power of storm surge and large battering waves can result in loss of life, buildings destroyed, beach and dune erosion and road and bridge damage along the coast. Storm surge can travel several miles inland. In estuaries and bayous, salt water intrusion endangers public health and the environment.



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