Saturday, November 26, 2022

Snitch: Crow Finds Bag Of Drugs In Trash, Leaves It On Ground For Cops

If you  were the person who hid a bag of drugs in a trashcan at a gas station in Western Australia, we have some bad news: A freakin’ crow pulled it out of the garbage and left it on the ground for police to find.

On Monday, the Western Australia Police department says two of its “Regional Operations Group (ROG) Officers” stopped at a gas station to fill up when they spotted a small bag of meth sitting on the ground next to the pump. The gas station was empty, so the ROG officers turned to the station’s surveillance cameras to see if they could find out who dropped the drugs.

As you can see in the video below, the police quickly discovered that it was a crow, not a man, who’d left the drugs for them to find. Inquiries are underway to find whoever put the drugs in the trash, but for now the WA Police seem content to make bad puns on Facebook, like “BREAKING BIRD… ;)” and “The crow took off from the scene, believed heading for a crowbar?”

It should be noted that, as far as winged creatures go, crows are pretty smart. They use tools and, as this amazing video demonstrates, are able to solve relatively complex problems. They also bring people gifts, and can even understand some analogies. And now they’re basically DEA agents.

The lesson, as always, is don’t trust birds.

This has already been a busy week over there in Australia. Yesterday, we covered a pizza delivery that never arrived—and that resulted in Domino’s paying a very hungry and confused gentleman $910 dollars after the would-be pie-eater sued the company for breach of contract. The conspiracy-minded among us might try to stitch these two incidents together to land on a unified theory of WTF is happening in Australia right now. One possible idea: that crow is on drugs, has the munchies, and stole the pizza.


Posted By: Taylor Berman



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