Saturday, September 26, 2020
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The Award For Most Lost Uber Driver Goes To This Guy 

Is there nowhere to hide from Uber’s reign of the roads? Even golf courses aren’t safe.

Stephen Maguire was golfing in the UK earlier this month when his game was interrupted at the ninth hole. Down a winding, narrow golf cart path, he spotted something unusual coming toward him: An off-duty Uber driver who was very, very lost.

Maguire recounted the bizarre meeting to the Sun Online:

“I was playing golf with my dad and he suddenly said – ‘is that a car?’ I turned and saw a normal car driving up the hills on the buggy path. I’ve never seen a car up there so high.” Mr. Maguire spotted the driver trying to do a ’15 point turn’ in between bushes as he tried to make his way off the course. He said: “He drove towards me and I said ‘you all right? You’re on a golf course! He said he was trying to get to a barbecue.”

Maguire posted the video of the lost driver on Twitter:

In the video, you can hear Maguire’s laughter and disbelief as the driver stops to ask for directions. He was a long way from a road, with the ninth hole situated in the middle of a hilly course. The driver was trying to make it to a barbeque, he said.

It’s not clear if the driver ever made it to the party, but Maguire pointed him in the right direction and he went on his way. Hopefully he had his Uber app turned on, to pick up tired golfers on his way out.


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