Sunday, March 26, 2023

Woman Totals Car After Spider Falls From Rearview Mirror

There are very few good excuses for crashing your car in a ditch. “Driving away from bad guys and losing control” is one. Another is “swerving to avoid hitting an animal or child.” A third is “panicking because a Goddamn spider just dropped near your face from the rearview mirror.”

The latter happened to a woman in Portland, Oregon, Wednesday morning, according to KATU. The woman apparently saw the spider, freaked out, and lost control of her car, which rolled over once into a ditch. She escaped with only a minor cut on her hand, but her car wasn’t so lucky: It was totaled. No word on what happened to the spider. 

Say what you want about the woman’s driving skills, but at least she didn’t try to set the spider on fire.

Posted By: Taylor Berman



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