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The Hamdog: Part Burger, Part Hotdog, And The Answer To All Your Prayers

Someone finally did it. They invented a hamburger-hotdog hybrid. It’s called, of course, the Hamdog. And we have a guy named Mark Murray to thank.

Initially pitched as a business concept on Shark Tank, Murray was left to create and market the product on his own after the short-sighted (and obviously not craving the perfect munchie) panel passed on investing.

But who’s laughing now, sharks? After declaring it would be nearly impossible and way too expensive to patent and produce the Hamdog, Murray proved them wrong.

The Break reports that the Hamdog is currently being sold at special events and local markets around Australia for about $6.00.

Not to be confused with the one-off American Hamdog, which was introduced when MySpace and Jay Leno were still popular, Murray’s Hamdog is already in franchise mode; he’s selling rights for $10,000 a pop.


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