Friday, December 8, 2023

Worst Job Hunter Ever Mails Dead Skunks To The Competition

This job hunter makes endless LinkedIn invitations look appealing.

After being turned down for a fourth grade teaching position, he went full revenge mode, mailing dead animals — four skunks and a raccoon — to everyone responsible for his fall from glory, including the school and the man who did get the job.

One of the packages contained the message “RESIGN! IT WILL NOT STOP.” The post office intercepted the packages, because, of course, they smelled like skunk and were leaking blood, authorities told Huffington Post.

He killed time waiting for the boxes to be delivered by spraypainting the other man’s vehicle with “u will die.” Then Forty-year-old Indiana resident Travis Tarrants, who appears to have Shining-level anger issues, took it way beyond too far when he called Child Protective Services to accuse the other man of having sex with students and abusing his daughter, attempting to frame him by sending a 15-year-old student photos of a man’s genitals (it’s not disclosed whose) and the job-winner’s telephone number.

“Search warrants located white spray paint, clothing with white spray paint, a note with the male victim’s name and home address and receipts for envelopes that matched the ones that were sent,” the local NBC affiliate reports.

Tarrants’ girlfriend told investigators that he had “trapped five to seven live skunks in late spring” and thought it was odd that he kept them alive for days after. Some free advice for the GF: find a man who isn’t trapping and killing skunks to send to schools, maybe.

Posted By: Samantha Cole


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