Thursday, July 18, 2024

Drone Makes It Rain Marijuana To Protest Cannabis Laws In Israel

The Green Drones group is a cannabis legalization advocacy group in Israel and promotes a “free love” slogan. Apparently, that includes free weed.

Imagine standing in a busy town square and suddenly it starts raining. But is isn’t water you feel. Instead, tiny bags of cannabis drop from the sky via drone. Would you take the freebie?

Tel Aviv pedestrians walking in Israel had to make that decision Thursday afternoon when more than 100 packets of weed fell in Rabin Square, where residents were seen rushing to scoop as many bags as they could. Two members from a group called “Green Drones” are suspected of operating the weed drop and have been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

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Hints of this upcoming stunt called “rain of cannabis” were sent over the secure messaging app Telegram, The Jerusalem Post reports.

“It’s time my dear brothers. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the green drone, handing out free cannabis from the sky… Enjoy my beloved brothers, this is your pilot brother, making sure we all get some free love,” a message sent over Telegram read.

“We’re launching the ‘rain of cannabis’ project, that will include a weekly delivery to different parts of the country of 1 kilo of cannabis divided into free 2 gram bags.”

Photo by stinne24 via Pixabay

The Green Drones group is a cannabis legalization advocacy group in Israel and promotes a “free love” slogan. Cannabis possession is partially decriminalized currently in small amounts, but distribution is a criminal offense. But Green Drones reportedly plans to continue the “rain of cannabis” project, regardless of the potential penalty.

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The weed drop comes ahead of the country’s upcoming plan to shut down 30 “red” cities to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Israel currently has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 infection rates. Green Drones said the lockdown partially inspired this project, as the pandemic “requires thinking outside the box and coming up with new ways of getting cannabis to consumers.”


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