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How An Ex-NBA Star Guided His Grandma To Cannabis

Jay Z. Sarah Silverman. Danny Glover. Harry Belafonte. Al Harrington. All are cannabis supporters fighting for legalization in California And all are household names, except, of course, the last guy on the list. Who is Al Harrington?

Harrington spent 16 years playing professional basketball and is part of Artists for 64, a coalition of artists who have come together to support California’s Prop. 64 (the Adult Use of Marijuana Act). The voter initiative will control, regulate and tax responsible adult use, sale and cultivation of marijuana in California.

Harrison retired from the NBA two years ago and has become involved in the cannabis industry. This week, he released a video (see below) detailing his personal relationship — and his grandmother’s experience — with the herb.

In an interview in The Root, Harrington said:

“What made me change my opinion of the cannabis plant was because of my grandmother’s story. My grandmother suffered from glaucoma and she also has diabetes. I got her to try it pretty much on a whim, just from me seeing things on TV and different things like that, and people talking about the relief that it gives. It worked out for her better than I expected. So, at that point, I started reading up even more on the plant and how it was helping so many people.”

Harrington also shared how medical marijuana helped him.

“In 2011, I was sending my grandmother cannabis that she needed just to give her relief, and the next year I ended up with a meniscus tear that led to a staph infection. When I had my fourth surgery, I was in Vail, Colo., and my cousin introduced me to cannabinoids (CBDs) and from that point forward, I’ve never taken another Vicodin or anti-inflammatory pill.”

Artists for 64 are not only supporting the measure for medical reasons; there is a huge social justice component to the campaign.

Says actor Danny Glover:

“In California, the question on whether to legalize marijuana for adult use is a policy change that will have a lasting impact on historically marginalized communities. Marijuana laws have been used as a tool by law enforcement to racially profile, harass, intimidate and criminalize mostly young African American and Latino men for decades. Ending the arrest and conviction of adults who use and sell marijuana is a social justice issue and simply a smart, sensible and practical policy solution for the mass arrests in and the over surveillance of racially targeted communities. “

Check out Harrington’s video:


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