Thursday, August 18, 2022

McDonald’s Wants To Personalize Your Fast Food Munchie Cravings

McDonald’s wants to revolutionize drive-thrus by offering their patrons a menu that’s personalized and that changes depending on factors like the weather, current restaurant traffic, and trending menu items.

Techcrunch reports that McDonald’s recently acquired Dynamic Yield, an investment that rumoredly cost them over $300 million, making it the company’s largest acquisition in over 20 years. Dynamic Yield is a company known for its partnerships with e-commerce and travel websites in order to develop an Amazon-like personalized experience for users.

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Dynamic Yield’s technology will be used to develop a McDonald’s drive-thru menu that’s personalized, capable of recommending orders depending on each user’s interest, the weather, and more. The feature was tested on several locations throughout 2018 and is planned to roll out within the US in 2019. International markets will presumably adopt these features soon after.

If successful, McDonald’s will incorporate this technology into their self-serve kiosks and mobile app software, making it even harder for you to resist a late McDonald’s craving.

Via Dynamic Yield:

Dynamic Yield will play a critical role in McDonald’s digital transformation, allowing it to become even more focused on the customer by deploying our technology in outdoor digital Drive-Thru menu displays, as well as other digital customer experience touchpoints, such as self-order kiosks and the McDonald’s Global Mobile App.”

How can you say no to a Big Mac if your app knows your tastes so well?


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