Wednesday, September 27, 2023

New Poll Breaks Down Why People Are Turning To Weed During Pandemic

Consumers are relying on marijuana to ease their pain during the coronavirus. Here’s exactly what they’re using it for.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has made a lot of people turn to weed for escape, whether they’re looking for therapeutic results or fun. A new report says that as the pandemic evolves, large percentage of users have been seeking for the plant’s therapeutic relief. Rising levels of anxiety and sleep issues have resulted in an uptick in cannabis use as well as a stable rise in the use of cannabis delivery services.

These results appeared in a recent poll conducted by cannabis delivery service Ganja Goddess, which surveyed over 850 people. Their numbers suggest that the majority of users are consuming flower and that the rise in use of delivery services is mostly due to convenience and safety.

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Zachary Pitts, CEO of Ganja Goddess, explained in a statement (via Forbes) that the poll’s results reflect a shift in consumer behavior due to the pandemic. He says that the majority of poll respondents increased their cannabis use by 9% since April of 2020, when Ganja Goddess completed its last poll.

Photo by Shopify via Burst

When discussing the reasons behind their cannabis use, 78% of respondents said they used cannabis as a way of managing a condition; 69% of them were treating sleep issues, 68% anxiety and 32% are seeking relief from a chronic condition.

While the majority of cannabis users polled are consuming flower, edibles and vape pens come in second and third place with 51% and 36% respectively. Smaller groups of cannabis users are also purchasing tinctures (14%) along with pills and capsules (13%).

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Before the pandemic hit, cannabis flower was the preferred product of most cannabis users, at least the ones polled by Ganja Goddess. While this remains unchanged, it seems like the threat of COVID-19 has pushed people to try products such as edibles and tinctures in order to keep their lungs in good shape.

Still, this change isn’t as strong as some experts believed it would be when the pandemic first hit. As time passes and the pandemic progresses, it seems that the one significant change that cannabis users have embraced is the use of cannabis delivery.


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