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8 Ideas For The Perfect Solo Valentine’s Day Self-Love Fest

Valentine’s Day is closing in, and for those without a date, the pressure is on to find a cuddle-buddy for the weekend. What if you turn the day into an excuse to love the hell out of yourself instead?

As the famous poet RuPaul once said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Try these ideas for making the most of the day, no matter your relationship status.

Get Outta Town

Escape this ridiculous holiday altogether by booking a super-affordable escape. Solo traveling is freeing, and there’s still time left to book a flight to one of our top destinations.

Pair It With Your Favorite Infused Cocktail

Be your own bartender with our guide to cocktails and drinks, many of which are marijuana-infused for that extra-chill buzz.

Take A Pole Class

Think you can’t get a workout and feel like a time goddess at the same time? Welcome to pole class. A drop-in sesh lets you dip a toe in before deciding if it’s right for you.

Make An Amazing Dinner For One

Most relationships are just two people asking what the other wants to eat until they die. Single people skip this torture, and can make a dinner for one without consulting any-damn-body about what they’re in the mood for. Try a sexy carbonara and this healthy winter salad.

Flex In Hot Yoga

Get hot and steamy, no partner necessary. Take a hot yoga class to sweat away the February chill and connect to your self at the same time. Admit it, walking around in a sleeping bag with sleeves for the last three months has made you forget how wonderful your own body is.

Cozy Up At Home

Ignore the saccharine seriousness of the holiday with a queue of Netflix comedy. The world outside can wait.

Reflect On Resolutions

You said you’d take better care of yourself this year, but what does that really look like? Take the day to think about your goals.

Indulge In A Decadent Dessert

Boxes of chocolate are so overrated. Get yourself to one of these amazing ice cream spots, make a “baked” banana bread from scratch, or make cannabis truffles. And don’t share a single bite of it.


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