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Watch: This Dude’s Catchy Kazoo Songs Will Ruin You Forever

We are lovers of music. We’ll hook you up with a sexy playlist when we’re not busy unearthing Vine artists and treasure troves of musical memorabilia. But this is not music. This is… something else entirely.

This is one man using way too many kazoos to make the world a weirder place. Roll your blunts because shit’s about to get ridiculously extra.

Youtuber EricsWurld has only posted three videos to his channel total, all within the last two weeks, but it only took that many tries to hit his creative peak. He plays the song “Yakety Sax” on his kazoo in a loop, layering it over and over in this video that’s maddening if you watch it to the end.

We tried to count the number of kazoos involved in this stunt, but lost track around six. There are somewhere between seven and 30 kazoos involved in the making of this video, plus various instruments: Chimes, bells, rattles, a guitar, cowbell, xylophone, a piano, a giant drum, smaller drums, a triangle, and finally a large gong that signals the final round.

The entire compilation is like something from a kooky warped cartoon about a dystopian world where only madmen with the most kazoos reign. The video description asks, “Ever wonder what Hell sounds like?” Well, not really, but now we know it sounds like this.


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