Wednesday, March 22, 2023

8 Of The Best Getaways For Super Snowy Vacations In The World

Winter vacation doesn’t have to involve strapping your feet to a board and flying down a mountainside. These locales are meant for the cold-weather lover that doesn’t have a need for speed.

Grab a pack of your favorite winter ale and a couple of sled dogs — Just try not to wipe out on the ice.


If you love snow, wilderness, and wildlife, Alaska’s got it all. You’ll see glaciers and take Arctic cruises, but be warned: Winter is off-season for a reason.


The small town of Reykjavik has all the charm of a capitol city without the urban hustle. Time your trip right, and at night, you’ll be treated to a stunning aurora show.


The Netherlands’ capital is best known for its rich history, festivals, and yes, its party scene. Some would argue winter is the city’s best time to shine, with light festivals and ice skating.

Alta, Norway

Go dog sledding in Finnmark’s “blue season,” when the days are super short. If you REALLY love winter, check out the Igloo Hotel in nearby Sorrisniva.

Bend, Oregon

If snowy resorts are your idea of a relaxing getaway, find your way to Bend and cozy up while the rest of the tourists shred powder.

Glacier National Park

Visit this scenic park in Montana and see gorgeous mountain ranges and take ranger-led snowshoe walks through the winter wonderland.

Niagara Falls

Yep, those falls. They’re just as stunning in the winter, when they’re frozen to a standstill.

Grafton, Vermont

This tiny town is best known for its skiing potential, but it’s just as good for staying in a cabin and sipping hot cocoa away from it all.



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