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5 Ridiculously Embarrassing Public Sex Stories

There’s a little exhibitionist in many of us. The thrill of doing something naughty in a place you’re not supposed to can be a total turn on. But what happens when public sex goes awry?

Recently, Buzzfeed asked its readers, “What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you during public sex?” And wow, did they deliver. People are horny and unafraid of getting caught, apparently. Out here in from of God and everybody.

Here are some of their most gasp-worthy moments.

Best (or worst) walk of shame award goes to:

The time me and my ex decided to have sex in the elevator at our college. We pushed the stop button in between floors and just started going at it. We could hear the people at the bottom (it was a small shaft) complaining about the elevator being broken and talking and my phone kept ringing. We finished quickly and I answered my phone when I got my pants back up and it was a friend of ours…telling us to turn the elevator back on because he was waiting and they could hear us. We had to ride to the bottom and walk out after everyone heard him call us and they all knew. – trishab42b52cf6c

This one has…. layers:

My girlfriend was meeting my parents for the first time and they decided to go downstairs into the family room, leaving me and her in the living room to watch a movie. Mind you, the movie that was playing was Shrek. One thing led to another, and she decided to go down on me while my parents were downstairs. It was all going fine until I heard my dad coming upstairs. She instantly brought her head up and sat up on the couch, while I threw a blanket over my lap (I wasn’t wearing any clothes waist down). He just checked up on us, and then when he left, we finished the deed. Oh, and on top of that, I orgasmed at almost the precise moment that “I’m A Believer” started playing from the movie. I’m definitely a believer now.

Looking on the sunny side:

I was hooking up with this guy who was also my friend. We were in his car in this what we thought was a vacant parking lot. We were totally Marvin Gayeing it when this woman pulled up. She was in this golf cart looking car with flashing lights and thank god no siren. We found out it was private property. The most mortifying part was because my friend and his lazy ass didn’t want to go to the back seat we were going it at in the drivers seat. I had to get out stark naked and walk around to the passenger seat. Her face read: ” This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.” At least my butt looks good just to end this on a bright note.

A little tourism never hurt anybody:

My boyfriend and I were having sex in a hammock at the Grand Canyon and we thought we were being sneaky about it until we realized the trees were bouncing. Pretty sure I ruined a family’s trip to one of the greatest wonders of the world. – caitlinmaes

But be sure to speak the language:

While in Cancun, I was hooking up with a gorgeous swede on a beach bed. Everything was great until one of the resort security guards shined his light on us and said “no sexo on la playa.” Luckily we were able to hop a fence and continue on the water heater. I’m sorry Mexico. – Julia H

We’re all sorry, Mexico.

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