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5 White Elephant Gift Ideas Still Available On Amazon

If your idea of a fun holiday party involves a bizarre gift exchange filled with presents nobody really wants, we've got you covered.

Almost Half Of Millennials Would Prefer To Give Up Sex Instead...

The fact that younger generations have thousands of sources of stimulus from all directions means that their attention is split, and sometimes this can affect the things humans used to treasure the most.

5 Weird Amazon Products That Somehow Have 5-Star Reviews

One of the things that Amazon prides themselves in is their star-rating system, which allows customers to give a rating to their purchases.

How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon And Become A Better...

As Amazon continues to grow and expand, so do the number of products and reviews, making it harder for us to separate the real from the fake.

Amazon Opens New ‘4-star Store’ In California

These '4-Star' stores sell a mix of Amazon products and other well-known items, all with at least "four star" reviews on Amazon.

Freebie Alert: Amazon Prime’s ‘The Marijuana Show’ S3 Now Available To...

Amazon Prime has its own cannabis-focused, Shark Tank-like pitch show, and you can watch it for free. Here's how.

Amazon Plans To Open 3,000 Cashierless Stores By 2021

An expansion of this size could mean a lot of trouble for convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

How To Get The Latest Updates On Your Digital Assistant

Since these devices require less monitoring than others, it can be confusing when new updates and changes roll out. You won't get a notification from them, and they won't announce it out loud.

Alexa Can Now Let You Know If It Figures Out An...

Over the next week, Amazon is rolling out a new feature called Answer Update, which will alert users when Alexa has found an answer to one of the questions they asked and didn’t get an initial answer to.

How Tech Companies Are Losing Executives To Cannabis

Tech wizzes and executives from companies like Amazon and Groupon are leaving their prominent careers — that many have worked hard for all their lives — to join the Green Rush.