Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Man Tries To Steal $7 Billion Because Jesus Wanted Him To

A Florida man accused trying to steal $7 billion from a bank because Jesus Christ wanted him to have the money, WFTV reports.

Watch: Man Dressed As A Beer Bottle Steals Papa John’s Pizzas

There’s a man-sized beer bottle on the loose, and Papa John’s wants justice. for their stolen pizzas. If only all crime was this funny.

NYC’s Infamous Gold Snatcher Finally Nabbed in South America: Cops

Last fall, a man was caught on video casually walking off with $1.6 million in gold left in an unattended armored truck. Because of...

Georgia Man Uses $3 Million Lotto Winnings to Invest in Meth Ring

Why leave it in a savings account or under your mattress when you could invest it in a mutual fund, stocks, or, as one Georgia man recently did, a local meth ring?

Watch: Cooks Ward Off Knife-Wielding Robber With Soup Ladles

When you're a robber and you enter a Chinese restaurant with the goal of robbing the place, cooking utensils shouldn't bother you, right? Ladles of DEATH.

Burglar Ends Up With Black Eyes After Homeowner Beats Him With Firewood

To protect your home, you don’t need a gun or knife or even anything usually considered a weapon: Instead you need only a big chunk of firewood, which a North Carolina resident recently used to beat away a would-be thief.

US Weed Arrests at Lowest Level Since 1996, More Work Needed

Good news: Arrests for marijuana possession fell in 2015 to the lowest level since 1996, according to the FBI. Bad news: There were 574,641 arrests made for...

This Dude Broke Into A House And Painted A Dog Purple

Crime struck idyllic Martha’s Vineyard this weekend when a man allegedly broke into a home, stole some things, and then painted the damn family...


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