Friday, October 30, 2020


Could Villains Clone Themselves To Take Over The World?

With cloning of whole organisms a reality, you may wonder if one day, an evil villain would be able to make thousands of copies of him or herself. Would that evil villain then take over the world?

Your Body Goes Through Trillions Of New Mutations Every Day

If you're doing something out of the ordinary, like sunbathing or having a drink, then science says you'll be "mutating" even more. Which is creepy, because that's a scary word unless you're watching 'X-Men.'

This New Dating App Uses DNA To Find Your Perfect Match

Two twentysomethings have created a dating app called Pheramor that requires users to swab the inside of their mouth before joining the virtual dating pool.

How Much Do We Know About Weed? Scientists Mapping Cannabis DNA

A team of scientists from one of America's top agricultural universities will begin mapping the cannabis DNA in an attempt to discover more about the herb.


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