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Jesus’ Butt Was Hiding A 240-Year-Old Secret Message

A statue of Christ in Spain has been hiding a message in its butt for over 240 years, completing the ultimate act of trolling ever recorded in the history of mankind.

GOP Candidate Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens Who Look Like...

Betina Rodriguez Aguilera, a republican congressional candidate from Florida, claims she was abducted by three aliens, two men and one woman, that reminded her of Jesus Christ.

Man Tries To Steal $7 Billion Because Jesus Wanted Him To

A Florida man accused trying to steal $7 billion from a bank because Jesus Christ wanted him to have the money, WFTV reports.

Google: Memes Are Now More Popular Than Jesus

In late August, worldwide searches for “memes” surpassed those for “Jesus” on Google, as Twitter user @Kuwaddo noticed. What prompted people to put their...

The Big Lebowski’s Jesus Spotted On NYC Subway

Last month, news broke that John Turturro is directing and starring in a spin-off of The Big Lebowski based on his cult character, the...