Friday, March 5, 2021

marijuana legalization

New Report Shows Marijuana Could Be Legal In All 50 States By 2021

Every state in the nation could be on track to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational use by the year 2021, suggests a new report.

Marijuana Legalization On The East Coast: 50 Million People Creating Tax Revenue

The state of Colorado topped $1 billion in cannabis sales for 2016, which gave credence to the fact that Americans support marijuana legalization. But what about the East Coast?

This Bill Aims To Decriminalize Marijuana At The Federal Level

A bill aiming to decriminalize marijuana gets another push forward, working to remove cannabis from the controlled substances list.

The Surprising Group Pushing For Marijuana Legalization

The majority of this group believe that marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense and are pushing for marijuana legalization.

How Colo. And Washington Dispelled The Myth That Rec Weed Will Make Teens Drug Addicts

It seems while marijuana prohibitionists cannot help but lean on old-school propaganda tactics when trying to combat the progress of the marijuana movement, the latest findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health provides additional evidence suggesting that all of the noise about legal marijuana turning children into smokers is simply talk.

Kentucky Taking Close Look At Legal Weed In 2017

Kentucky may have a fighting chance at becoming the next state to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program.


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