Friday, April 16, 2021

marijuana legalization

This Woman Left The Police Department For the Marijuana Industry

It’s one thing to use marijuana, but another thing entirely to make it your livelihood and work full-time in the marijuana industry.

Jeff Sessions Likely To Ignore His Own Task Force Regarding Marijuana

When Jeff Sessions first assembled his hand-picked Task Force on crime reduction it seemed he was readying for crackdown of epic proportions.

Task Force Report: Jeff Sessions Stands Alone In Marijuana War

Jeff Sessions' task force on crime reduction and public safety has found no issue with the may marijuana is currently being dealt with in the US.

Is India Seriously About To Legalize Medical Marijuana?

India’s Union Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi has voiced her support of medical marijuana in her country.

Inside The Turbulent Lives Of Medical Cannabis Refugees

Medical cannabis refugees have left everything they have ever known to relocate to a different state for medical purposes.

How You Can Legally Grow Marijuana At Home In Washington State

A new Washington state law will soon expand the state’s home grown cannabis market for medical users.

Arkansas Unanimously Passes Statewide Medical Marijuana Regulations

Arkansas unanimously approved rules and regulations with regards to marijuana registration cards as well as testing and labeling the product.

Eben Britton: The NFL Needs To Embrace Marijuana And The League’s Opioid Crisis

Eben Britton is a man who understands pain. Within his six-year NFL career as an offensive lineman, he experienced major and minor injuries alike.


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