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Netflix Will Release Movies In Theaters Before Adding Them To Their...

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs," "Bird Box" and "Roma" will screen in theaters before they appear on Netflix.

Halloween Ready? 8 B-List Horror Flicks That Are So Bad, It’s...

These eight movies (sometimes available on Netflix) are so bad, they'll give you nightmares.

How To Track And Manage Your Digital Subscriptions

When you have too many of these subscriptions they're also an easy way to lose money without knowing where it went.

Netflix Addiction Is Real And Clinics Are Addressing The Disease

One man in India is being treated in the Service for Healthy Use of Technology clinic in Bangalore as the first “Netflix addict,” because he couldn’t control his vices.

Etiquette 101: When And When Not To Keep Using Your Ex’s...

Thirteen percent of Netflix users still use an ex's password to watch their favorite shows. But is this a good thing? The experts chime in.

Why The ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Bemoan Canada’s Cannabis Legalization

The boys shared their thoughts on Canada’s upcoming legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17.

You Don’t Say: Netflix May Lose Hella Subscribers If It Starts...

When Netflix announced that it was considering "experimenting" with commercials, alarms went off around the world.

Meme Of The Week: Popular Netflix Movie Creates Wordiest Meme Ever

The "To All The Boys" meme has taken over Twitter with sweet, funny, sad and sometimes very thoughtful confessions from users who consider this an opportunity to get creative and make a good joke.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Might Be Killing Your Sex Life

Next time you invite your crush over to "Netflix and chill," make sure you both understand the concept, because some couples are literally icing...

New Netflix Movie Is A Long Awaited Reunion Of The ‘Downton...

Netflix is making a movie totally unrelated to "Downton Abbey" that manages to use an alarming amount of the show's original cast.