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Here’s A List Of New Streaming Services That Will Be Coming Soon

Starting next year, major players like Time Warner, Disney, Apple and NBC are coming with their own versions of streaming apps.

Long gone are the days where streaming content was developed by basically Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Starting next year, major players like Time Warner, Disney, Apple and NBC are coming with their own versions of streaming apps. So basically cable. We’re all gonna be forced to pay for cable again, only worse, because we now have to navigate between apps instead of flipping through channels.

While apps with streaming capabilities have been around for a while, with Facebook and other companies developing their own content, the rise of these new services feels different, capitalizing on exclusivity. It looks like all of them want to be the next Netflix, which is fun on  paper but expensive and stressful when applied to real life. There’s already so much content you guys.

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Here’s a list of the streaming services that will soon be released. Or at least, the ones we know about.


Disney+ has been so hyped up it’s annoying. The streaming service, announced in Comic Con, will cost $6.99 a month and hopes to steal a large chunk of Netflix clients. Prior to the announcement, Disney worked hard to remove all of their content from Netflix, breaking up their partnership with Marvel. Without having been released the service already has a line up of 25 original series featuring actors like Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and more. It will also have 10 original films and specials and everything belonging to Disney, which includes all the works of Pixar, Star Wars, the MCU, and more. It’s a lot.


Developed by Warner Media, HBO Max is what happens when a huge company is afraid of people eliminating their cable services all together. The streaming app will contain all of HBO’s original programming and a bunch of Time Warner shows and movies, which is cool. The downside is that subscribers will probably have to pay more than the standard premium channel subscription, which is already steep at $15.

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The strangely named Peacock is NBC’s very own Netflix, named after their colorful logo. Because why not. This service will contain all of NBC’s original programming, wrestling fan favorites like The Office (from Netflix) and Parks and Rec (from Amazon, Hulu and Netflix) from the competition. It doesn’t matter if people watch the shows and they become a staple of pop culture, right? What matters is who owns the rights.

Apple TV+

The last notorious streaming service to be released soon is Apple TV+, available exclusively through the Apple TV app, featured on all Apple devices. So it’s a bribe to get people to buy more iPhones, as if people needed a bigger incentive. Like all of the services described above, AppleTV+ will be developing heaps of original content, including movies and TV shows. Some of these titles include “The Morning Show” with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, “Dickinson,” “Little Voice,” and an anthology series narrated by Stephen Spielberg.


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