Tuesday, July 7, 2020


IHOP Announces That It’s Not Changing Its Name To IHOB

Maybe it was the relentless criticism they received or maybe it was the restaurant's plan all along, but IHOP has announced that they're not changing their name to IHOb after all. The pancake chain says that it was all a just publicity stunt in order to advertise their new burger menu.

Florida Man Busted For Eating Pancakes In Middle Of Busy Road

We can all agree that pancakes are a delicious treat. Have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—it’s always a good time for a flapjack....

Chelsea Clinton Horrifies The World With Her Spinach Pancakes

On National Pancake Day, Chelsea Clinton disrupted the peace with her own home cooked spinach pancakes, which looked truly horrifying.

The 5 Best Breakfasts For After Your Wake And Bake

Breakfast and wake and bake. The key to both is making sure you have enough time to do it right and the food is up to snuff.


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