Home Culture Chelsea Clinton Horrifies The World With Her Spinach Pancakes

Chelsea Clinton Horrifies The World With Her Spinach Pancakes

Things can get heated when you start talking about food. Pineapple on pizza has been a source of heavy internet debate, gathering enough haters and lovers that are capable to start an internet war. This dispute is so popular that one time, even the president of Iceland chipped in with his opinion, claiming that if he had the ability to make laws for himself he’d make pineapple on pizza illegal. Okay.



People can get protective of their food, let’s leave it at that.

On National Pancake Day, Chelsea Clinton disrupted the peace and the beautiful pancake pictures flooding our dashes with her own home cooked spinach pancakes, which looked truly horrifying.

Naturally, the photo caused an internet outrage that had people from all over the internet coming up with different ways to one up each other in terms of who produced the better reaction, tweeting at her with all sorts of replies and gifs. 

Even Oprah was dragged into this. 

Chelsea, after seeing the panic she caused, tweeted in defense of her god awful pancakes by claiming that her daughter, Charlotte, needed iron in her diet.

Some were civil:

Some were not:

She also admitted that even though the pancakes didn’t look great, they did the job and didn’t taste so bad. Poor Charlotte.

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