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Tips For Your Body After Hours Of Sitting

Whether a big work project, gaming, driving, or something else.  Sitting for long periods of time is rough on the body – here are some tips

While often relaxing, refreshing or just needed from being busy, sitting also has its downsides.  Sitting too long can wreck havoc on your body and back.  It is easy to get sucked into gaming, a work project, streaming shows, driving long periods or more, but it tough when you plopped in a chair for too long.  Other than back issues cause by frequent long periods of sitting include  obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol. Not to mention the potential of extra weight. Here are tips for your body after hours of sitting.

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Researchers analyzed data from a number of studies regarding sitting time and activity levels. It showed those who sat for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity had a significant health risks.  Standing desk have become popular to contract damage done by long work hours.

Sitting down a lot results in poor posture


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Stand – It seems common sense, but it is important to stand up and allow your body a different position. It naturally stretches the back and keep the spine aligned.  Maybe take calls while standing and moving a bit, set a little timer to move every couple f hours. If you have a desk where you spend prolonged periods sitting, try a standup desk. Standing and moving will help you think better and helps with problem solving.

Take a break – Taking a short period to stand and move about it important.  If you drive, it is good to take a short walk when you stop.  Make it a point to spend 5-10 minutes moving to let your body realign.  You will see it helps re-energize your body.

Stretch. Gentle stretches for the back and neck will help alleviate soreness, stiffness, and the dullness coming with long periods of inactivity. They lengthen the core muscles, and improve blood flow throughout the body, including your mind. Also, deep breaths while stretching to boost the brain.

Many exercises can improve your posture and strengthen your muscles, from classic Yoga positions like Child’s Pose and Cat Cow, to traditional planks, which focus on strengthening your core muscles.

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It’s difficult to interrupt the workflow of your day in order to stretch, but the more you train yourself to do it, the easier it becomes and the more results you’ll see. CNN Health reports the most effective way to stretch is to do so once per every hour of work. The more elaborate stretches and exercises that strengthen muscles, like the Cat Cow pose and planks, should be done twice a day. Long term results include better posture, less muscle pain, more strength and even better breathing patterns.


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