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Holy S***! Brewery Makes Surprisingly Good Beer With Recycled Sewer Water

Sewer water probably doesn’t conjure up images of quenching one’s thirst, but Stone Brewing out of San Diego is trying to change that.

Good luck, right?

In a surprising twist, the brewery successfully made a limited amount of craft beer using treated water from the city’s Pure Water demonstration plant in Miramar, according to Times San Diego. It was  clearly a brilliant publicity stunt on the part of the city. Mayor Kevin Faulconer exclaimed, “It is fantastic!” Convincing? Maybe. A bit shocking? Certainly. But there is a point to all of this.

With California’s drought, it’s tough for breweries, like Stone Brewing, to source a consistent water supply for their beer, because they have to source it from several location. It becomes a challenge in continuity.

Besides being the equivalent of a cringeworthy Top Chef Quickfire Challenge featuring sewer water, last week’s demo drew attention to the city’s $3 Billion plan to get  one third of its drinking water from recylced wastewater, with a goal of 30 million gallons per day by 2021.

Stone Brewing Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, Steve Gonzalez, told KGTV he was skeptical at first, but that among the pale ales he’s made, the sewer beer is “probably in the top three.”

Here’s Gonzalez taking a swirl.

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