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5 Simple Hacks To Prevent Burnout

5 Simple Hacks To Prevent Burnout
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Burnout isn’t easily treated. Here are 5 simple hacks to prevent and cope with it.

Burnout is more common than you think. It affects your lifestyle and zaps the joy out of your hobbies, work, and relationships. It’s difficult to define since it can encapsulate a lot of symptoms, but burnout refers to that mental and physical exhaustion that occurs when faced with a recurring and stressful situation. This can be a job, a micromanaging boss, or any other situation in your life.

Despite how common it is, burnout is difficult to treat, which is why the best path is to check in with yourself regularly and take the necessary steps to prevent it. Here are 5 hacks to prevent burnout:

Go to bed a little earlier than usual

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Sleep is pivotal for preventing and treating burnout. It’s also one of those habits that’s incredibly difficult to incorporate since people approach sleep so differently. A simple recommendation would be to go to bed at a fixed time. While that is great, it’s also a bit unrealistic, so you can make an effort every day to go to bed a little earlier than usual. By keeping this in mind, slowly and progressively, you’ll find a bedtime that works for you and that makes you feel rested and better.

Come up with a short mantra

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Burnout tends to create a self-sabotaging dialogue within your brain. Unconsciously, your brain tells you that your tasks are unmanageable, that you can’t cope with this particular situation, etc. Come up with a brief and positive mantra you can use when faced with this, and repeat this to yourself when going through one of these moments. Mantras are easy to remember and will quickly make you feel better and calm.

Find a funny podcast

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There are podcasts for all kinds of people, from true crime to scripted series. Laughter is always great, especially when coping with burnout, so look for a funny podcast you can get into and incorporate that into your routine. When experiencing burnout it’s important to protect yourself; surrounding yourself with good and positive things is a good first step.

Make your workspace more comfortable

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The state of your home and workspace has a significant impact on your functioning. If your house is all messy, it’s common for you to feel overwhelmed like you don’t know where to start cleaning and picking things up. Make your space more comfortable by adding some flowers, organizing your desk, or cleaning things up. It’s a small change that will make a significant difference.

Talk about it

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Lastly, it’s very important to talk about burnout if you think you’re experiencing it. This conversation can be had with a friend, family member, or even a professional. They can advise you on how to move forward and care for yourself. By validating your feelings and listening to you, you’ll start feeling better and less overwhelmed.

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