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7 Free Fitness Apps To Launch Into 2017 With Style

The year is new and so is your resolve to get fit: You’ve read up on the latest trends, brushed up on your self-care routine, and even figured out if marijuana and the gym rat life mix (they do).

Since our smartphones are basically another vital organ at this point, back up your newfound motivation and check out these free apps for getting sweaty.

Charity Miles

Do a little good while getting your workout in. Charity Miles tracks walks, runs, and bicycling outings, and partners with sponsors to donate to causes that you choose. It’s like a never-ending fun run, without the registration fee or sponsor-finding.


Don’t miss this one just because it’s made by a “YouTube Fitness Star.” Cassey Ho’s app aims to be your one-stop shop for fitness training, healthy recipes, and workout organization. The workout calendar keeps you on track, while videos bring your goals to life.

Fit Radio

Who hasn’t struggled to find the perfect gym playlist, or been mid-workout groove when “Sexual Healing” came on next in the shuffle? Fit Radio lets you choose your favorite genre to get sweaty to, and gives you a custom DJ mix to inspire your workout.

7 Minute Workout

Workout plans can be overwhelmingly complicated if you’re just starting out. This seven minute routine is simple enough to memorize once you’ve gotten the hang of it, but can be used on your smartwatch if you need a reminder.

Lose It!

An oldie but a goodie, Lose It tracks your calories and workouts, allowing you to set goals and use it as a diary for weight, fitness and nutritional macros.

My Virtual Mission

If your fitness goals have a bent toward the grandiose, My Virtual Mission has got your epic journey vibes covered. Set a big goal and start tracking how you’ll get there, whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to cycle in a race. From the app: “Map out a long distance virtual mission and then make every exercise session count towards completing it. Every mile/km you exercise counts as a mile/km towards reaching your goal.”


As seen on Shark Tank, Sworkit gives you personalized video workouts to up your gym game. Isolate which part of your body you want to tone, or pick from their pre-built sessions, and get to work!


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