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Is It Better To Shower During The Morning Or At Night?

Showering is something that we all do, a uniting experience that provides a feeling of relief that we’re all acquainted with. There’s nothing like a good morning shower to wake you and prep you for your day, or a night shower that relaxes you for bedtime and leaves you squeaky clean.

There are people who shower in the morning and people who prefer to shower at night. There are even people who shower twice (why though?). Science explains the perks of each habit and declares what you should really do. Read on:

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Morning Showers 

These showers have a lot of perks, like waking yourself up, giving you a moment to meditate and prepare yourself for your day and nudging your skin cells alive after you’ve been sleeping for 8 hours (hopefully).

Having a few minutes to gather yourself up in the shower before work improves your performance and it makes you more focused, alert and productive. This type of shower will also cleanse the oils that have gathered on your skin during your sleep and will benefit acne prone people. Benefits all around.

Evening Showers

Night showers are great for stripping you off all the bad stuff that’s gathered in your skin during the entirety of the day. They also prepare your skin for its natural exfoliation and regeneration process, which happens when you go to sleep.

One of the best perks of going to bed clean is the fact that you’re keeping your bed sheets free of germs, or as free as they can be. If you go to bed without taking a shower, you’ll drag all your germs into the sheets and will sleep on them for days until you do your laundry.

What You Should Do

Evening showers are the way to go, even though taking a shower in the morning has a lot of perks. The defining factors are the germs on the bed, which are a real problem. If you really enjoy your morning showers you can always shower twice. Shower three times if you want. Don’t stop showering.



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