Monday, December 4, 2023

Pain After Orgasm Is A Thing For These People

Sex is a complicated process that reverberates throughout our entire nervous system. While physical exhaustion, sleepiness, a little pain, and the overproduction of fluids are normal side effects, some people have reactions that are more severe than the ones experienced by the general population. In fact, for some, the pain after orgasm is so intense it makes them want to avoid sex altogether.

Peri-orgasmic phenomena is the cluster of unusual symptoms people experience after or during an orgasm, which can include severe headaches, foot pain, ear pain, sneezing, laughing, crying and a bunch of random things you would have never associated with sex. While a lot of these symptoms are manageable, some of them have a bigger impact on people and can even make them fear sex. One of the most common side effects is coital cephalgia, which are severe headaches experienced during sexual activity. This condition is divided in two types: Type 1 is the headache that occurs during any kind of sexual activity, and Type 2 is the headache that strikes just before orgasm. I don’t know which one is more frustrating.

Experts theorize that these headaches occur due to built up tension in the neck and jaw, and that victims might find relief in relaxation exercises and muscle relaxants. Coital cephalgia is an interesting and contradictory phenomenon because sex has always been regarded as nature’s ibuprofen, being able to help people get rid of headaches and mild physical pain.

For more intense symptoms like seizures and panic attacks, sex therapists claim that it’s important for patients to discuss this with a neurologist specialized in sexual reactions; someone who can analyze these symptoms in depth and see if there’s anything out of order with the patient’s’ brain wiring. For lighter conditions like sneezing and laughing, a positive and open attitude is always great, and consulting with a sex therapist is can make patients feel more validated and comfortable with their situation.


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