How Much More Sex Do You Have In An Open Relationship?

Not as much as you think.

Open Relationship
Photo by PeskyMonkey/Getty Images

The more doesn’t always make the merrier when it comes to sex. Contrary to what people in monogamous relationships might believe, being in an open relationship doesn’t automatically make your sex life better, a new survey found.

Conducted by Berlin-based research company Dalia, the survey asked more than 11,000 people from the European Union between the ages of 14-65 about their romantic lives.

Only 2.5% of those surveyed were in open relationships, but for those who were, their reporting for sexual satisfaction were slightly lower. According to the survey:

71% of people in polyamorous or open relationships are satisfied with their sex life compared to 82% of people in monogamous relationships and 80% of people who are married, in civil unions or partnerships. The least sexually satisfied people are those who are single and looking for a relationship; only 40% are satisfied. Single people are also more likely to choose not to divulge information about their sex life.

Quartz also reported that the increase in sexual satisfaction might just be a matter of proximity. If the person you’re trying to get busy with is in the same room with you, you’re more likely to get it on:

People who live together (as couples with children often do) have readier access to sex than those in relationships who don’t live together. The EU survey only found 275 people, or 2.5% of the total, who said they were in open relationships.

If you’re only living with one person—instead of pursuing multiple people—you’re more likely to have regular, satisfying sex. Whether that’s as satisfying to your sense of adventure as the open-relationship folks is up to you.

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