Wednesday, March 22, 2023

What Last Night’s Cannabis Victory Means For The US And The Fresh Toast

Last night, the United States took another step toward the repeal of marijuana prohibition. California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arkansas, Nevada, Maine, Montana and North Dakota changed how people will be able to access cannabis and how it will impact millions who suffer from a variety of illnesses. It was a cannabis victory all around.

It will also be a boon to the state’s economies: currently, $270 million in tax revenue for Colorado and $154 million for Washington State.  California currently has more than $2.7 billion in sales from medical; with full recreational use, the state could realize $1.5 BILLION in tax revenue, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.

While this is an old industry, legalization is still novel in the minds of many citizens. Even though marijuana has been primarily associated with the stoner/counter/alternative culture, it’s used by patients and casual users from all walks of life. The Fresh Toast wants to help people understand that cannabis does not define their life, it’s simply an aspect of it. We want people to view marijuana like they do vodka, lattes or aspirin.

We are not advocating for cannabis use by everyone — and certainly not those under the age of 18 — but like alcohol, we know people are going to do it, so we are going to be the everyperson’s guide. People want to ask questions, we want to provide answers. We are here for the mainstream audience to help support them in their quest for cannabis knowledge. We also provide other content that intersects with their lifestyle: food, pop culture, music, sex, news and more. We want to be a place of delight and discovery.

We also have a strong commitment to those who suffer from illness and cannabis can help. We are providing a continuum of care for patients and caregivers from the moment they are diagnosed to the time of relief. We continue to gather doctors, experts and other patients to share research and knowledge. Cannabis isn’t a silver bullet, but for some, it can make a huge difference.

As we move forward in a partial post-prohibition world, we hope you will champion The Fresh Toast. Visit us often, like us on social media and let us know what you want us to cover. You are part of our community.

JJ McKay



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