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How To Sniff Out Free Weed At A Party

If there is one tried-and-true method for finding people with weed, it’s to step outside and join the smokers.

Not everyone carries weed around with them when they venture out among the socialites of the party scene. Nope. Although marijuana is now one of the most commonly used substances on the planet, it is still illegal for recreational use in most parts of the United States.

This means those who subscribe to common sense — those with too much to lose — have a tendency to avoid any situation where they might risk getting busted by the police for pot possession. But that doesn’t mean that around the second or third cocktail, they are not feeling the need to catch a nice canna-buzz to take their adventure to the next level. It is at this point in the evening when it is time to make friends with the people who are holding a fat sack of grass. But where to look? 

Venture Outside With the Smokers: If there is one tried-and-true method for finding people with weed, it’s to step outside and join the smokers. Sure, there will be those desperate folks huddled around a fire pit, trying not to freeze to death while getting their nicotine fix. But upon closer inspection, you will find those who ventured outside to get into the appropriate frame of mind.

How To Sniff Out Free Weed At A Party
Photo courtesy of Cannaclusive/Flickr

They might be standing on the sidelines; they might be in plain sight, but they are in the mix. All you have to do is step up and say something like, “Freeze dirtbags, this is the police.” No, in all seriousness, don’t do that. If you live in a prohibition state, you might give someone a heart attack. Instead, try saying, “Hey, it smells like somebody’s got the good stuff over here.” Stoners are friendly people for the most part. They probably will not mind letting you into their circle for a hit or two. 

Google “Stoners” And Look For Those People: If you are not sure what kind of folks might be out there holding weed for you to mooch, be thankful for technology. All one really has to do is whip out their trusty smartphone, open their web browser, and do a quick search of the term “stoner.” A broad range of photos will pop up. Everything from longhairs, hippies, and people with dreadlocks. 

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Now, just take a look around the room and determine which characters in the place most closely resemble the photos that showed up in the search. Chances are they are holding weed. Wait, isn’t this stereotyping? Sure it is, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. You might have to buy them a drink and engage in some small talk first, but that is sometimes the price you have to pay.

Let The Weed Come To You: Sure, you can get all desperate and run the risk of annoying the hell out of your fellow party people, or just play it cool and let the weed come to you. Truth be told, it is almost impossible to be on any social outing these days and not encounter someone eager to share their stash. Marijuana is just that prevalent right now, especially considering the popularity of vapes. It’s easy to get high in public without the odor of skunk giving a person away.  

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But if you don’t feel like waiting around for a marijuana buzz to find you when it is needed the most, we suppose you will just need to get over your fear of getting busted by the cops and start packing your own supply before you go out. Just don’t be surprised when a stranger or two approaches during a midnight toke in hopes that you will get them high for free. Mooches are everywhere.


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