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5 CBD Coffees And Cold Brews To Chill Out With This Summer

Morning coffee, that daily ritual that wakes us up and gives us a reason for living, is now also a major consideration for those who want to chill out big time. Coffee drinks infused with CBD are all the rage because while the non-psychoactive compound won’t get you high, it promotes relaxation — the exact opposite of what your morning caffeine routine is used to providing. CBD also has the power to decrease inflammation, anxiety, bad moods, and a host of other ailments, making it a favorite new superfood.

Here are five CBD infused coffee drinks that will cool you off when the heat is on.

Chill Brew

Abracadabra coffee roasters out of  Woodstock, Vermont just released their first batch of infused cold brew, featuring 20mg of full spectrum CBD oil infused in a “super juicy Ethiopia Gedeb cold brew.”

According to Seven Days: “The new beverage is dubbed Chill Brew and packaged in a can combining artwork by Abracadabra artist friend Dang Olsen and local designer Andrew Plotsky. The beans come from a small farm in Ethiopia; the CBD oil, from Luce Farm in Stockbridge.”

Legal Espresso Mocha

From Mirth Provisions comes one of Seattle’s most popular drinks: coffee. While it doesn’t actually contain any coffee, it tastes like the real thing, albeit, with a lot of extra sugar. It’s easy to overindulge in this product, especially if it’s poured over ice, so be careful.

In addition to coffee, Legal makes some refreshing sparkling tonics, like Rainier Cherry and Lemon Ginger.


This organic, no added sugar cold brew out of Los Angeles comes in several summery flavors: matcha, peach, coffee date, golden cashew, and the O.G. — regular cold brew. Each bottle contains 20mg of CBD.

Hellion Cold Brew

Speaking with Chicago Tribune, Hellion’s co-owner, Ben Houtkamp, said: “We all kind of agreed that CBD makes sense to go with coffee. It kind of sounds counterintuitive at first, but there’s a nice juxtaposition between the two, like getting the caffeine but without any anxiety or jittery-ness, because it can be easy to overdo it with caffeine.” Each bottle, sealed with a green wax stamp imprinted with a marijuana leaf, contains 30mg of CBD.


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