Thursday, November 30, 2023

5 Delicious Ways To Consume CBD Oil

CBD oil can treat a wide variety of ailments and give you a dose of relaxation.

Thanks to a booming CBD market, nowadays it’s not necessary to settle with boring oils and tinctures that have weird flavors. There’s plenty of products that feature CBD in new and inventive ways, and there’s also hundreds of recipes that will allow you to get creative and prepare your own CBD snack. If you’re interested in giving CBD a shot, here are 5 delicious was to consume CBD oil.

Although there’s only a small amount of studies conducted on CBD, the compound has demonstrated some benefits in treating inflammation, anxiety, pain, and more. If you’re interested in giving CBD a shot, here are a few snacks you can buy or prepare:

CBD energy bars

There’s plenty of different energy bars on the CBD market, with different flavors and dosages of the compound. Most of these bars are great options for people who are interested in a healthy snack that will satisfy a craving and provide you with some sort of mental or physical relief. While some of these bars have a grassy flavor thanks to the presence of CBD oil, products like Velobars and Snaac bars are known for their discreet CBD presence and delicious flavor.

CBD popcorn

5 Alternatives To CBD Oil
Photo by Georgia Vagim via Unsplash

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Holistic Corn is one of the few companies around that had the bright idea to mix popcorn and CBD (we have our own recipes for cannabis-infused popcorn toppings), resulting in a product that’s delicious and convenient. Their popcorn is microwavable and healthy, only having 30 calories per cup. According to the product makers, their CBD is heat-activated, meaning that each bag has a fresh dose of the compound.

CBD guacamole

While no company out there has yet packaged and distributed their own version of CBD guacamole, plenty of people have published their own recipes, which are very simple. Most recipes call for a good amount of ingredients to add flavor that will disguise the taste of CBD oil, but don’t go overboard; this is still just guacamole.

CBD lattes

5 Alternatives To CBD Oil
Photo by Tyler Nix via Unsplash

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While you could prepare your own CBD coffee from scratch, there’s plenty of CBD coffee products out there, which you only have to brew. Once you have your cup of coffee or espresso shots prepared, you just have to steam the milk and put them all together.

CBD dressing

While people have tried to make raw marijuana leaf and CBD salads work, it is not easy. These leaves and oils are rough and have very specific flavors. CBD vinaigrettes, however, are much more tolerable and, when paired with the right elements, can taste really good. These salad dressings are made from a mixture of CBD oil and other ingredients that can change depending on the recipe and the cook’s personal taste.


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