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5 Rolling Papers To Fit Every Type Of Marijuana Consumption

Out of all the papers out there, two of the most popular are not surprisingly made of hemp: RAW Pre-Roll Cones and Smoking Green Pure Hemp papers. They both make great joints that smoke smooth and get the job done, but as cannabis becomes more and more craft, so does its accessories, including rolling papers. Here are some of the most innovative, crafty creations for rolling one up and smoking it right.

Banana Tree Papers that Support Sustainability


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These handmade “Pure Banana Rolling Papers” are made from fibrous banana trees after the fruit has been harvested. These flavorless, connoisseur style wraps are created by a “social impact company” that hand-makes the papers in a sustainable fashion on the tiny island of Kosrae, Micronesia. The enterprise provides income to more than 100 local farmers and employs over 25 artisans to create these naturally slow-burning rolling papers from what were once discarded tree trunks.

The Jeff Sesh Jay


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A timely choice in this crazy political climate and a charmingly harmless jab at the weed-hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is known for saying that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” these papers are on a grassroots mission. Their aim is to spread the word that in fact pot smokers are good people. The Jeff Sesh papers also roll and smoke well, as they continue to sell out as quickly as they can produce them. Novelty or not, having a Jeff sesh with high minded friends is an activity as much as a session.

Smoking Those Benjamins


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We all know by now that if you want to go baller, Shine 24k gold rolling papers are the way to show off your taste and expendable income. But why not just roll a hundo and smoke it up? It’s actually a lot more economical. Plus, the $100 dollar leafs created by Empire Papers look so realistic that you might be tempted to take a fake bill marker to the front, but don’t. Just enjoy rolling up your Benny joint and make it rain clouds of dank smoke out of some premium, all natural paper papers.

Put It In Your Pouch


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Pouch rolling papers are made with rice and inspired by the beautiful kangaroo. As you might guess, instead of being a flat paper ready to roll, these papers come with a pouch to stuff your ground up cannabis into and then you can easily roll it up without having calyxes falling out the ends or worrying too much about a “pregnant” or even roll. They make life a lot easier for those who aren’t masters at the art of rolling, but who want an even more economical way to get a good jay than that of the cone route.

Mellow Fellow Premium All Natural Smoke Wraps


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Inspired by the Rasta tradition, Mellow Fellow wraps are tobacco free and made with sustainable materials. They come as vegan veggie wraps, corn husk wraps or banana leaf wraps, which are considered the healthiest option. The corn husks are chemical and additive free and have a crisp, smooth smoke. The veggie is the most natural, making all of the wraps great blunt alternatives.


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