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5 Simple Ways Marijuana Can Help You Smash A Hangover

Weed is a time-old hangover treatment, taking the sharp pains and dulling them somewhat, but you can use it to dig yourself out of the hole even further if you do it right.

Usually when you have a hangover, you can shake your fist at the person, place, or Pinot Noir that “did this to you,” but we all know who has two thumbs and really did the damage. Hangovers, any way you suffer them, are unpleasant, but they scale from a mild inconvenience to life-shattering pain.

If you land somewhere on that scale, you may be familiar with some of the symptoms complained about by the compromised. Headaches, nausea, shitty shit problems, and general aches and pains are just among the most common. Nobody wants to live like that. Until you drink less, you’re going to have to do something about that.

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Weed is a time-old hangover treatment, taking the sharp pains and dulling them somewhat, but you can use it to dig yourself out of the hole even further if you do it right.

Illustration by Danielle Guercio

1.Eat An Edible With At Least 10mg Of THC

A dose like 10mg will not only get you out of the painful headspace, it will begin to work on your inflammation as you get a body high. Use something non-aggressive like tincture (glycerin), a hard candy, or a beverage. Anything baked or food-like may just be overwhelming taste wise.

2. Mint Your Entire Existence

Mint and mentholated oils, salves, and even eye drops can help you calm the searing pain that can roll up on you faster than you can roll a joint. First use a Peppermint oil to massage into your temples and ears. Then smear Vicks VapoRub under your nose to help banish any smells that could spike your nausea.

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This tip is essential if you have pets or children to care for. Eyes sounds like a weird angle, but trust me here. Old school smokers used to use Rohto Ice Drops to instantly whiten eyes and to ‘shock’ yourself out of being overly high. When you have a Hangover, your eyes can throb right along with your head. Rohto drops are like rinsing out your eyes and it’s refreshing in addition to smashing through that initial pain wave.

Illustration by Danielle Guercio

3. Balm For Your Soul

Tension and body aches are another hangover problem that can really ruin the day after. Rubbing a CBD/THC balm into your tense shoulders and neck will instantly release a bit of that unintentional clenching.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Protocol

Once you have started to hydrate, you can hit your body with the supplements that can work with cannabis to soften the rest of the day. Staying away from acetaminophen products while imbibing is quite important, so try to go for aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen to punch your headache. Get some turmeric into you via pills or golden milk, and take more every 4 hours. Magnesium and essential electrolytes will also be your friend, paired with some extra omega-3 flax oil, you should be right in a few short hours instead of a whole evening.

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Illustration by Danielle Guercio

5. Smoke Or Vape Or Both

Last night’s Lambrusco will be a distant memory now that you have started the healing process. Now would be a good time to keep the THC and CBD at a steady dose by occasionally vaping or hitting a joint throughout the day. Don’t go too crazy on the edibles, you’ll want to take a second dose if the hangover is still there 6-8 hours later. Too much at once might leave you feeling like a different kind of crappy–paranoid, so keep it slow and steady for best results.

Avoiding hangovers starts with keeping alcohol in a moderate position in your life, but sometimes we know that shots happen. Be safe no matter what substances you are consuming.

Illustrations: Danielle Guercio


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