Friday, December 1, 2023

A Guide To Reading Marijuana Labels

Pay attention to the warning labels. Although a lot of fun, these products should be respected.

Marijuana is now legal in states and medical seems everywhere. . Because of this, millions of residents and tourists, alike, now have the luxury of walking into a dispensary and buying pot products never before seen in circles of black market commerce.

But legal marijuana stands to change the world and compete some with alcohol, is still a bit of a novelty for the moment. People often rush to dispensaries with bright eyes and purchase a variety of items without properly understanding how to use them. Here is a guide to reading marijuana labels.

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Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge has caused some folks to get a little too stoned for their own good and, in a state of high anxiety, even seek out the counsel of police and emergency room staff. And let’s face it – any situation involving cops and doctors is never a good time.

Yet, bad trips can be avoided relatively easily. The secret is in labeling comprehension. Here are a few tips, according to Green State.

Flower Potency

Not all marijuana is created equal. Some of the hundreds of strains available on the market have a higher THC content than others. Think of it like walking into a liquor store. It is common knowledge by now that whiskey has a higher alcohol content than beer. These two products must be enjoyed in very different ways, or else the effects can be severe. Weed, while much safer than alcohol, is not much different. Most strains have anywhere between 5-25 percent THC. The lower the number, the less stoned effects can be expected. Most customers reach for the strain with the highest THC level that they can get. But without the proper tolerance, they have the potential to drive people over the edge of comfortability. For beginers, starting slow is recommended.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Marijuana rich in CBD is often bypassed because the cannabinoid does not produce stoned effects. But this all-important ingredient has a way of taming the effects of THC. Its therapeutic benefits can alleviate the anxiety often brought about from too much THC. First time marijuana users can achieve a more pleasurable experiencing from strains high in CBD.


Some pot products display THC:CBD ratio. This aspect of pot labeling is easier to translate than it sounds. Here’s the rub: The higher the THC content, the stronger the buzz.

Sativa Vs. Indica

Sativa and Indica strains are like Jekyll and Hyde. Sativa’s produce a more uplifting buzz, while Indica’s are soothing and mellow. For the marijuana consumer looking to spawn creativity, productivity or a steady stream of laughter, Sativa is the way to go. People interested in a relaxing night at home might enjoy Indica-dominant strains the best.

Edibles Are No Joke

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular products sold in dispensaries. But they are also the leading reason why some inexperienced pot consumers end up freaking out and calling 911. Although marijuana cannot cause a fatal overdose, it can sometimes be difficult to convince a person of this once they start to feel the intense effects of 100-milligrams of THC. But most of these products are not intended to be consumed all at once. Anything with 100 milligrams of THC should be broken up. Newcomers to the edible scene should start with no more than 10 milligrams at a time. Also, the effects from edibles take longer to kick in than smoking marijuana. So give it 45 minutes or so before eating another 10-milligram dose.

Warning Labels

Pay attention to the warning labels. Although a lot of fun, these products should be respected.


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