Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Americans Say Sugar, Booze and Tobacco Are More Harmful Than Cannabis

It’s time to play Cannabis Family Feud! Let’s get right to it. According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, what is the top answer to this question: If you had to choose just one, which one of these four substances — alcohol, marijuana, sugar or tobacco — would you say is most harmful?

And the survey of 900 Americans says …

… Tobacco with 41 percent. Alcohol is second on the board with 24 percent. Sugar is a close third with 21 percent. And in last place is marijuana with only 9 percent.

That’s right. Marijuana is considered essentially a benign substance to 91 percent of the American public. A martini or a cigarette or a candy bar are considered more dangerous.

When the same question was asked in a 2014 survey, the rankings were essentially the same. But sugar picked up 6 percentage points (15 to 21) in the four years between the polls.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey asked one other marijuana-related question:

If a law passed in your state that allowed adults to purchase small quantities of marijuana for their own personal use from regulated, state-licensed businesses would you:  

  1. Actively support such a law
  2. Be in favor but not actively support it
  3. Be opposed to it but not actively try to have it overturned
  4. Be opposed to such a law and actively work to overturn it? 

A whopping 31 percent of Americans surveyed say they actively support and another 29 percent say they are in favor — a combined 60 percent supporting legalization. Less than a quarter (24 percent) are opposed and only a measly 14 percent say they would actively fight legalization.

The 60 percent in support of legalization is up 5 percentage points from four years ago. Just last week, three separate polls concluded that the voters disagree with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reversal of Obama-era protections that relaxed federal marijuana laws in states where it is legalized. “The demographics say [cannabis] is here to stay, either for fun or to provide medical comfort. And the message to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Hands off,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.



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