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Ann Coulter Uses the Word ‘Retarded’ To Describe Cannabis Patients

Not known for being politically correct, it seems Coulter is willing to insult the vast majority of people by her use of the antiquated and offensive word ‘retarded,’ though, sadly, when she made her remark at the bipartisan Politicon over the weekend, she got some laughter. Perhaps mostly nervous twitter, but laughter nonetheless.

It’s enough to make one shudder. From the great, marijuana steeped mind of Carl Sagan to the athletic prowess of weed user Michael Phelps and all the other stony geniuses in between, to have used such a word was almost as ironic as it was offensive. Almost.


She made her remark after being asked if marijuana should be legalized in the U.S. Her exact answer was, “You can legalize all the drugs you want when there isn’t a welfare state. No, marijuana makes people retarded, especially when they’re young.”

Compounding the offensiveness is the implication that cannabis is contributing to the “welfare state” of Coulter’s dark imagination.

The exchange happened when fellow panelist Ana Kasparian pointed to the divide between blacks and whites when it comes to cannabis charges and arrest rates.

Coulter had something to say about that, too, claiming that a study showed that black people were more likely to lie about their cannabis use than the rest of the humans. The study source was never stated.


Luckily, Kasparian was there to talk sense, saying that persecuting people for pot possession is “a waste of our resources.”

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