Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Reno Is Hosting A ‘Bud And Brew’ Festival Without The Bud

Um, okay Reno. We get you. You want to boats you’re getting your own marijuana and beer festival, but not break the law. Smart move. Boring as hell, but smart.

When the Reno Bud and Brew Music Festival debuts September 23 in Wingfield Park, police will be one of the first guests, making sure nobody actually indulges in the consumption, sale or purchase of weed. You know, because who goes to a Bud and Brew festival expecting both? Amateurs.

Instead, the festival will be more of an educational affair, teaching event goers about medical and recreational marijuana use, both of which are now legal— medical since 2000 and recreational since January 1, 2017.

What the riverfront festival will have plenty of is beer and music. More than a dozen acts will perform and there will be a beer village composed of local craft beers.

This event could have had marijuana if a bill had passed earlier this year (authored by Sen. Tick Segerblom) that made it legal for events and businesses to have marijuana on their premises.

The bill also aimed to give local governments the ability to issue licenses that allow people to smoke weed in designated public areas. The proposal (Senate Bill 236) was intended to provide the locals, as well as the tourism community, with “marijuana safe-havens,” which would most likely operate in bars, dispensaries or even yoga studios, Sorry, Reno. Maybe next year?


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