Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Cali Ghost Town To Become Inclusive Marijuana Destination

As the U.S. opens its policies to legal and medical marijuana state by state, it’s been awhile since Americans had to go to Amsterdam or Jamaica for a recreational weed experience. As any cannabis enthusiast will tell you, however, being surrounded by the freed plant is a super treat. Well, now a new marijuana destination is ready to rise in Nipton, California, where the entire town was purchased at a clean $5M by cannabis company American Green, Corp.

American Green was one of the first publicly traded tech companies in the cannabis realm and now has over 50,000 individual shareholders. They’ve been in the biz for 18 years and now they’ve set their sights even higher. Their mission is, “to be the cannabis and industrial hemp industry, seed-to sale innovator.”

Innovation seems to be a forte. American Green plans on using existing Nipton structures as well as building from the ground up. The plan is to use sustainable practices and run the entire town on clean energy sources. Over the next 18 months, a plant to make water infused with CBD will go up, edibles shops will abound, retail stores will of course be included and, our personal favorite, artist in residency programs will also be incorporated.

Recreational cannabis becomes officially legal in California on January 1st, which likely prompted the timing of the town’s purchase. Nipton is located in San Bernardino County, 12 miles from of Primm, NV, in SE California. From a gold miners destination to a little cattle town to a social hub and now to the green rush’s calling, Nipton is destined to go down in history.

There’s the legal weed experience and then there’s this. If all goes as planned, the town of Nipton will be a heightened, truly immersive experience that will offer nothing like it before. Creating a utopian green town for the green rush is ambitious, but sounds oh so delicious. And the clean energy is simply the icing on the space cake.

American Green has indicated that they hope other companies and places will follow suit. Project Manager for American Green, Stephen Sheran, pointed out in Bloomberg, “The Gold Rush built this city. The Green rush can keep it moving the way people envisioned it years ago.”


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